Congratulations on your marriage and blessings to you both! We are thrilled to witness and officiate your wedding as a symbol of your decision to share your lives as a married couple!

This is a very special day for each of you and certainly for your friends and family. We, in the Church of the Transfiguration, share your joy and we are here to serve you on this special day. You can count on us to officiate your marriage union, in the way you want to marry and at the place you have chosen.

The Equal Marriage Act is recognized by the federal government and all states since June 26, 2015. This is why we celebrate the sacraments and every important moment in life, with those who request our services, regardless of their legal / social status or economic; your profession, race, spiritual and religious affiliation, sexual and gender preference. Everyone is welcome to request our services and celebrate with us their significant moment in their lives.​​

Please complete the form below to request the services of a wedding officiant. We will get in touch with you to keep planning your great day.

And God bless you!