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Become a Volunteer

Are you passionate about serving the community? Do you enjoy teamwork and volunteer experiences?

At SRA Ministries, we encourage individuals and organizations to volunteer and participate in our events. This way, you all get involved in this great work and experience serving those in need.

A volunteer empowers individuals and neighborhoods for a better tomorrow!

Come, help us become the voice in action to empower those in need.

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Become a Partner

Is your organization looking for a trusted charity to join efforts and help you with your activities for the community?​

Do you have a commercial or worship space that you could share with a charity like us so that we can expand our services?​

 Together, We Can Make a Difference.


We become stronger when we unite efforts and come together. Contact us and let us help you discover ways your organization can collaborate with us to impact our community. Let’s create unified efforts to respond to the needs of people in our communities.


"Be The Change You Want to See in the World."

Mahatma Gandhi

We at SRA Ministries will be able to carry on our mission every time you donate from your heart. When you give, you stop being a simple bystander and actively participate in creating a better tomorrow for our community.


We count on your support! Let's make a difference!

"We Rise By Lifting Others."

Robert Ingersoll

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