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SRA Ministries Hosts Winter Holiday Celebration to Honor ESL Students and Raise Funds

Mani Rubio

December 11, 2022.

SRA Ministries recently held a Winter Holiday Celebration at Fuddruckers in Greenville Avenue, Dallas. The event celebrated the achievements of their ESL program and aimed to raise funds for future initiatives. ESL students had the opportunity to meet in person after connecting online, fostering a sense of excitement and camaraderie. Attendees enjoyed the festive atmosphere and delicious food provided by Fuddruckers, who generously pledged a portion of the proceeds to support SRA Ministries' program development.

Dallas, Texas - SRA Ministries, a non-profit organization committed to empowering individuals and communities, organized a festive Winter Holiday Celebration at Fuddruckers in Greenville Avenue. The event aimed to commemorate the success of the organization's English as a Second Language (ESL) program in its first semester and raise funds for future initiatives.

The gathering brought together ESL students who were thrilled to meet in person, having previously connected solely through online classes. For some, it was an incredible experience to finally meet peers after spending 12 weeks learning English remotely. The program's impact extended beyond geographical boundaries, as students from various locations in the metroplex joined the celebration. Reyna Puga, an online student from the "Communicate 21 - 22" class, expressed her gratitude. She said, "I am so thankful to SRA Ministries and their teachers because they allow us to face our English-speaking fears and learn to communicate correctly finally. I feel proud of myself every time my sons look at me, impressed and proud because I am trying to stand up for myself and speak in English."

Guests and supporters enthusiastically attended the Christmas celebration, relishing the food offerings provided by Fuddruckers in Greenville. The generous food company pledged a percentage of the event's proceeds to assist SRA Ministries in developing more programs. Ms. Ana Rivera, a supporter in attendance, emphasized the importance of SRA Ministries' work in the community, urging other companies, individuals, and organizations to support and fund the organization. She concluded, "Everybody deserves an opportunity to follow their dreams, and SRA Ministries is helping them to do so."

As part of their mission to empower people, families, and communities, SRA Ministries continues to provide social services, community networking, civics education, and English language instruction. To learn more about their initiatives and how to get involved, please visit their official website at

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