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Start Your Vocational Process With Us

You feel in these moments of your life that you want to take a new turn and look at the world around you with a different magnifying glass: from the eyes of God. You wonder how you can collaborate in the salvation of the world: love and respect for others, in social justice, in which the grace of God comes and pours out in each person and is also manifested and experienced in each person; you seek contemporary models of being "presence of God" in the midst of the world.

We invite you to start a vocational process with us. We can help you find the new frontier you are looking for in your life.

We are Looking for Committed People

We seek people committed to the unique charism of service and social justice. We seek dedication and resilience in those who might be in remote places. We know firsthand how difficult it is to live apart from each other, and we know how challenging it can be to continue with a vocation in such circumstances.

In that sense, we are looking for people who, although distant by geographical areas, can work as a team, people who engage in open communication, and work with other members of the UACC. We seek ecclesial ministers who can see the signs of the times today and welcome all as sons and daughters of God, regardless of their lifestyles, gender, and social and economic status. We seek a good fit between the applicant and the UACC so that a productive and long-term relationship can be ensured for both.

General Instructions

  • Please take the time to complete the multiple sections of this process.

  • Maintaining an attitude of prayer and openness in the process is important.

  • Before the review process begins, the application must be complete, including copies of all required documents.

Required Documents

  • Copies of Baptism and Confirmation certificates;

  • Copies of university degrees or transcripts of classes. Transcripts must be submitted from the school awarding the degree;

  • Psychological test results, as appropriate;

    Signatures on the Background Check Authorization, Release of Information, Application Signature, Jurisdiction Release of Information, Psychological Testing, and Mental Health Release of Information pages as they are required;

  • Two (2) passport-style photographs (with white background);

  • Three letters of reference emailed directly to the vocations director.

Below you will find the necessary links to complete the Application for Admission to the Incardination Process with the United American Catholic Church. Take your time completing each step. Don't hesitate to contact the Vocational Director of the UACC with application questions. God bless you as you begin the incardination process.

Step 1: Authorization Background Check

Step 2: Initial Information About the Person.

Step 3: Information on Sacraments, Ecclesial Formation

and College Education

Step 4: Health History, Employment History,

Criminal Record

Step 5: Disclosure Permission

Step 6: Release Permit

and Referral of Psychological Assessment

Step 7: Essay 1

Step 8: Essay 2

Step 9: Essay 3

Step 10: Mental Health Information Disclosure

Step 11: Signing the Application

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