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Getting Things Done!

Mani Rubio

July 10, 2022.

It is 11:00AM of Thursday, July the 10th, and a group of students and SRA Ministries’ staff are on their way to the headquarters of Equal Hearts to help their team with the packing of groceries and then distributing them as part of a community service day. READ MORE

Students, teachers, and support staff of Verano al CIEN, came together to experience a day of community service. “I did not know what to expect at first, but I wanted to go through the experience. Being of service towards others is a value I’ve taught to my children and so I want to reinforce it by being of an example to them,” shared with us Mrs. Elisa Gutierrez, a student from the 4600 Spring Avenue location in South Dallas.

At around noon, both teams arrived at a North Dallas apartment complex to distribute boxes of groceries to families already waiting there. Two Equal Hearts van brought a variety of food items, such as fruits, vegetables, proteins (meats), breads, and milk. An Equal Hearts team placed a tent by the playground and served a meal at the children there.

After a short lunch break, the SRA Ministries team drove to the second apartment complex in North Dallas. A greater number of people were already waiting for the goods to arrive! 3 vans arrived and everyone prepared to help distributing the cases with food. Minutes later, the SRA students proceeded to make a line with children and distribute the backpacks that were prepared the night before.

“This is really a “Summer at 100” because the heat is on, and it is over 100 degrees, but I am enjoying this experience so much! Today’s experience makes me feel useful and of service to others while at the same time makes me reflect in what I have and how lucky my family is. I give thanks to God and to SRA Ministries for creating this Summer Program. This program is so unique because of adding social events that help us learn more English and learn more about the city, and then today’s event that allows us to be of help to others. This is so unique and important!” exclaimed Jose E. Leones, a student from the 4144 N Central Expressway location in uptown Dallas.

“We simply wanted to come out here and be a part of this community. We wanted to experience something greater than ourselves. I think that it is important for every person to step out of their own comfort zones for a second, and see the world, be a part of it, and do something to make it better, not only for us but for others. That is the reason I joined SRA Ministries, because it allows me be a part of something greater than me and help build a better community,” concluded saying Nelson Cruhigger, volunteer teacher of our English programs.

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